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Василий Крыжановский

Дата обновления: 07.09.2020

Город: Санкт-Петербург

Категория: Производство / Промышленность

Тип занятости: Постоянная

Опыт работы (лет): 36

Образование: Высшее

Текст резюме:

Kryzhanovskiy Vasiliy Semionovich

Personal information
Citizenship: Republic of Belarus
City of the stay: Minsk (it is ready to move to another city)
Region of the stay: Yakubovski str., 26, block 1, app.16
Formation level: Higher education
Date and place of the born : May 6, 1965, Ivanovo, Russian Federation
The marital status: unmarried

Phone: +375 25 9690755
E-mail: vizit17@ya.ru

Work experience

April 2017
Post: Mechanical engineer
Name of the organization: LLC “G-N-S”, Moscow
Drilling and Completion services, as well as supply of technological equipment and spare parts.
Archinskoe field, Siberia.

September 2016 to February 2017. Post: Service engineer. Name of the organization: LLC “KLINGELNBERG”, Moscow
Deliveries, the guarantee and service maintenance of the equipment for the production bevel and helical gears. Installation and commissioning of a complex of the equipment for production of cogwheels of big diameter (to 3 meters ) is executed, Public joint stock company “Zvezda”, St. Petersburg.
November 2014 - May 2015
Post: Service Electrical engineer
Name of the organization: LLC "Envintech", Minsk.
The guarantee and service maintenance of the screw compressors 10 of bars, manufactures of "Atlas Copco", "Gardner Denver" in Byelorussia. Repair of compressors is executed at various factories and plants in cities of Grodno, Gomel, Minsk, Novopolotsk, Orsha and others.

January 2009 - September 2014.
Post: Mechanical engineer
Name of the organization: "Central Aero Club", LLC " Promkoras" and other.
Fulfillment of contractual works in different organizations (technical preparation of manufacture, aerodynamic designs, aviation ground equipment repair.).

July 2008 - December 2008
Post: Service engineer
Name of the organization: LLC "AF RUS", Moscow
Deliveries, the guarantee and service maintenance of the oil free compressors of 40 bars, manufactures of "AF compressors". (AF is manufacturer and seller of different types of compressors and accessories in Belgium and in several countries all over the world).
The function responsibilities and the achievement: the commissioning, service and repair the compressors and accessories that AF produces and/or sell at the customer (the determination malfunctions, the organization of the replacement of units and components, which worked out resource, the correction of control system). Work with foreign partners.
The compressor was restored at the plant " Krasnyi Vostok Solodpivo", c. Kazan.
Repair of compressors is executed of manufacture "AF compressor" at the plants: LLC "Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia", c. Samara; JSC " Krinica ", c. Minsk; LLC "Volga", c. N.Novgorod; LLC "Lidskoe pivo", c. Lida and etc.

November 2007 - May 2008
Post: Mechanical engineer
Name of the organization: Educational sports establishment "Central Aero Club", Minsk.
Initial flight training, training the sportsmen of the aviation forms of sport.
The function responsibilities: aviation ground equipment maintenance and repair.

August 2000 - August 2007
Post: Design engineer, the Lead engineer for the repair - Сhief of section on the repair of equipment.
Name of the organization: JSC "Minsk production association of computer technology", "Minsk plant of printed-circuit boards", Minsk.
Production of printed-circuit boards, mechanical manufacture.
The function responsibilities and the achievement: the organization of the repair of the equipment - metal-cutting machine tools, press, equipment for the production of printed-circuit boards (from the development of documentation to the production of new components and units for the imported equipment); responsible on service and to repair of lifts.
- Is prolonged the period of the service of the expensive imported equipment, (have independently made set of complex units of the equipment "from zero"). The compressor " Atlas Copko ", Sweden, technological installation for drawing solder on conductors of printed-circuit-boards by a method "HALL" (Hot-Air-Liquid-Leade), Germany, micro-computer " Honeywell ", USA of management of work of the vacuum furnace and etc. is restored..


1983 — 1988 Belorussian polytechnic institute, Minsk
Department: Machine-building
Specialty: Technology of machine building, metal-cutting machine tools and tools.

Courses completed:

2004 Courses of an increase in the qualification.
Republic institute of higher school, Minsk

1991-1992 Courses of the English
Belorussian administration of state committee for the tourism of the USSR, Minsk


The richest operating experience maintenance and repair of the hi-tech import equipment. Free reading of the engineering specifications, drawings and circuits. An operational experience with people.
PC - user - confident knowledge (programs Windows: Microsoft etc.).
Languages: Russian, English — conversational.
Driving licence: category B.
Readiness for the missions: Yes

Other achievements and interests

1983 to 1992 - the pilot - sportsman of the “Minsk Aero Club” of DOSAAF (a Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Air Force, and Navy). BSSR Helicopter Championship 1989.
Occupations in the free time: tuning of car, radio-electronic.

References available on request.

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