Support Engineer (Level 3) - вакансия 73496019


Дата обновления: 22.11.2020

Город: Санкт-Петербург

Категория: IT / Компьютеры / Интернет

Тип занятости: Не имеет значения

Текст вакансии:

deployment, installation and configuration of sophisticated Market Data/Trading/Finance and related software administration of UNIX/Linux OS. Installation, configuration and maintenance administration of Network Equipment (Cisco, Juniper, others) active assistance to developers, participation in DevOps routines installation and management of in-house developed and external well-known monitoring systems design, installation and configuration of managed servers including physically racking and connecting equipment to third-party devices design, deployment and configuration of cloud-based servers and networks provision servers and storage, configure firewalls, VPN, monitoring, etc pro-active in identifying and troubleshooting problems in testing and production environments. Generating solutions and bug reports where required pro-active monitoring of the health and status of the network and systems, and continuously make improvements solving critical problems in network environment such as: multicast routing/latency issues/packet loss/etc solving critical problems in Systems, platforms and data such as: unavailability/outage/inconsistency/misconfiguration/etc diagnosing complex issues within network stack including low level packet capture and OS system analysis as a member of the Operations team participate in an on-call support rotation to ensure 24x7x365 coverage for critical core and customer issues active collaboration and close work with all other IT teams to find solutions to problems training and guidance for Level II engineers spread/share knowledge within own team and other teams communicating with clients and partner companies representatives document and publish infrastructure/systems schemas and designs
3+ years of experience in UNIX/Linux administration 3+ years of experience in Networking experience in Amazon/Microsoft compute clouds in-depth knowledge of TCP/IP and ISO/OSI stack solid experience with networking (routing, switching, IP, TCP, UDP, BGP, EIGRP, MPLS, VPN, DNS) and Cisco/Juniper OS knowledge of IP Multicast (RP, PIM, IGMP and MSDP) required technical knowledge needed to ensure safe, effective, and efficient changes to the network and systems infrastructure proficiency in shell script languages awk, perl and etc preferred experience in cluster technologies and high availability systems experience working with Tomcat, Apache, nginx, haproxy webservers experience in solving complex problems and ability to handle multiple tasks and projects simultaneously strong analysis, investigation and troubleshooting skill good written and spoken English language
Additional skills considered as an advantage:
understanding high-performance, high-throughput and low-latency network technologies knowledge of Java programming language knowledge of Oracle/Postgres RDMS experience with CDN architectures experience with WAN technologies experience with Trading/Exchange/Risk management software usage and management experience with Atlassian software(JIRA, Confluence, etc.)

Контактные данные:

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