Civil Structural Engineer (Инженер-проектировщик, ПГС) - вакансия 73739998

Партнерские Вакансии

Дата обновления: 11.02.2021

Город: Санкт-Петербург

Категория: Строительство / Проектирование

Тип занятости: Не имеет значения

Текст вакансии:

компания "текнимонт руссия / tecnimont russia"

уважаемые соискатели,

мы ищем инженера-проектировщика в команду по управлению проектами со стороны заказчика. работа в г. санкт-петербург, компания предоставляет релокационный пакет.


  • guarantee the quality of the deliverables generated and their compliance with the contractual requirements of the project contracts satisfying the assigned budget and time schedule
  • assist the group leader in guaranteeing the application and the continuous updating of the department and company standards, procedures and work instructions
  • conduct technical training as per department and company needs and exchange experience with colleagues of the entire tecnimont group for new design techniques; help group leader to prepare the lesson learned for the specific competence
  • keep himself up-to-date about the technical specific improvement of the discipline and transfer the knowledge to the other specialists and engineers;
  • secure the issue of design calculations, check of drawings relevant to concrete, steelworks and precast structures, on the basis given by the group leader, in agreement with the civil project leader
  • prepare general design criteria specifications for each project
  • provide assistance, if any, during testing, installation and construction. to assist the civil project leaders for those structures whose engineering is directly managed by them
  • perform internal calculation standards in accordance with economic optimization criteria
  • assess the revision of domestic and foreign standards, informing civil project leaders, engineers and the estimating group leader of the relevant impact
  • perform other qualified duties as assigned
  • masters degree in engineering (industrial and civil construction)
  • fluent english
  • excellent knowledge of russian standards and legislation in construction area
  • analytical skills, attention to details, ability to work under tight deadlines
  • readiness for relocation to saint petersburg and/or extensive business trips
  • fixed-term labor contract (within the framework of the project)
  • competitive salary
  • benefits package includes medical insurance and meal allowance
  • work location - saint petersburg

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