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This is a work from home position. ENF Trade Platform We have two industry sites, and - focusing on solar industry and recycling industry. The sites are a database of all the companies and products in the solar and recycling industry that allows users to find suppliers and customers. We started the company 16 years ago with our solar site, and for the past 15 years it has been the most popular in the world (now with 3 million business users each year). The Job We need people that can promote advertising packages on our platform and company databases to manufacturers around the world. An example of what you will be selling, as presented by our founder and CEO, is as follows: This means calling companies up to discuss the different ways we can help their business, making Zoom presentations to interested people and following up through emails and calls. These are B2B sales, so it involves having real conversations with customers to understand their business needs and then presenting the right products that will help their business - it's not some B2C calls where you just read out a simple script. For this reason we need smart and professional people. When we interview you the most important aspect will be the sales roleplays we will do during the Zoom call - we want to see how well you can sell and how well you can think on your feet during the sales roleplay. In the job itself you will work from home, so you need a good internet connection and a computer with webcam. You will be quite independent in your daily work but will have weekly Zoom team meetings with your sales colleagues around the world, and you will have regular email contact with ENF research staff and management staff. You need to have a lot of self drive - it's a sales job after all. You also need to work out the sales strategies that work best. Of course you'll have some training, and you will also have hours of recordings from your sales colleague's calls and customer presentations that you can listen to and watch to get some good ideas from. But in this job you need to be good by yourself, not just wait to be told every detail. The job is international, we aren't hiring you just to sell to your own country. This means you'll be selling to companies in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa. Again we need smart people that can rise to the challenge - because selling to a German company needs a completely different style compared to selling to an American company or a Japanese company. This also means you'll need to work at different times of the day when you are selling to different parts of the world. You won't need to work at the worst times like 1am to 5am (known as the graveyard shift) - but you'll often need to work late or start early to catch certain countries. It's still 8 hours per day and 5 days per week - so work late doesn't mean you have to work extra hours. Salary There is a base salary around $1390 / 106,000 Rubles each month. On top of this is 5% commission on sales you make. Most advertising packages are around a few thousand dollars. However, don't expect to double your base salary that quickly, not unless you are some kind of sales genius. B2B sales take time to build up and you probably won't make any sales in the first one or two months. Over time though the commission can build up to a high level - each customer you make gets locked to you, so a year later when they need to pay several thousand dollars to subscribe again for another year you still get 5% commission on that. So keep your customers happy and you end up with more commission income every year. We only have offices in UK and China - which means you will need to sort out your own taxes. Requirements - Fluent English. We mean fluent - you'll need to be presenting to business people around the world. - Sales background. B2B experience is best of course. Mostly though we want people that have experience in making a lot of calls. The reason is that people with experience know that they are happy making calls all day. Those without such experience are a big risk - a lot of people who make 5 calls in a row and get told "No" 5 times in a row will get depressed and feel like giving up, then they will work slowly because being refused all the time is hard. True salespeople will just keep going - they don't care how many people tell them no as long as they book some meetings and have some good conversations in the day. Applying for the Job Our recruiter's name is Kiko. You can apply for the job and he will see your CV and will arrange interviews with those that he thinks stand out.The final decision maker is Kit, the company CEO. So - how will you get this job? If you think clicking the Apply button is enough then go ahead :)

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